Our buildings are built completely offsite in our controlled manufacturing facility located in Garden City, Idaho. DIGS  are completely finished inside and out. The buildings are then transported and placed on your site and ready for use. Contact us and we can help you with your site related questions.

Most municipalities allow for accessory buildings as long as they are under certain square footage and meet the property set back requirements. Check with your local planning and zoning department or give us a call and we can help with that as well.

Whether you have a need for a customized backyard studio, office shed, bunk house, tiny home, vacation cottage, custom shed, or other need, reach out to us. We are happy to assist you in the design and building of your project. ​Thank you for considering us!

Jared has always enjoyed having personal space for working on creative projects. DIGS was founded out of his passion for these spaces and the desire to provide a solution to others seeking a distraction free zone of their own. This might entail using it yourself or using your backyard building as a place to send others!

DIGS Backyard Studios can serve many functions. They are a cost effective alternative to adding on or remodeling your existing home. Having a little bit of separation from the rest of the house for making noise, working, writing, or needing some quiet time is a huge benefit!

DIGS Backyard Studios was founded by Jared Ramey. As a child, Jared spent much of his free time designing, dreaming, and building.  Forts and clubhouses were erected in all shapes and sizes in the pasture behind the family home located in Boise, Idaho. Jared recalls that "there was always something fun, inspiring, and exciting to me about creating something on paper, building it, and then using it as a hide-away/clubhouse with my selective neighborhood buddies."  

Jared worked in the family roofing business growing up. He studied at BYU where graduated with a  degree in construction management. As a reputable general contractor in the Boise area he has been involved in the design and construction of many custom projects. He has always loved the creative process. Jared also enjoys playing the guitar, singing, songwriting, recording music, design, entrepreneurship, and many other creative pursuits.

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